The X-Files – 6×06 – How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

I’ve found you all tend to fall into pretty much the same category.

What category is that?

Narcissistic, overzealous, self-righteous egomaniac. You kindly think of yourself as single-minded, but you’re prone to obsessive compulsiveness, workaholism, antisocialism. Fertile fields for the descent into total wacko breakdown.

You’ve probably convinced yourself you’ve seen aliens.

You know why you think you see the things you do?

‘Cause you’re a lonely man.

A lonely man chasing paramasturbatory illusions that you believe will give your life meaning and significance, which your pathetic social maladjustment makes impossible for you to find elsewhere.

You probably consider yourself passionate, serious, misunderstood, am I right?

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