To the Tune of Goodbye

To the tune of Goodbye,
We dance this night away-
It was never enough just to try.

Every broken promise, every white lie,
Made us dance, made us sway
To the tune of Goodbye.

We wanted more, we wanted to fly-
That was how we wanted to stay.
It was never enough just to try.

I never meant to hurt you, make you cry.
Further and further you began to stray
To the tune of Goodbye.

The pain I caused, I cannot deny,
Caught in this destructive ballet
To the tune of Goodbye.
It was never enough just to try.

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reading glasses do not alter curious observation.

curiosity killed the cat. What the hell does that even mean?* Why is the first time your teenager te

I watched A Shot In The Dark

Cute and silly. But sometimes a little too silly. Nowhere near as brilliant as something like Airplane, I’m sorry to say.

[26 Oct 2014]