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Where does android studio find this proxy?

I am new to android and trying android studio.

I have imported an existing android project and I see Failed to sync
Gradle project Error: Unknown host ‘’

In my laptop there is indeed this proxy set for my work but in my home I can connect directly to the internet. My browser somehow does not go over the proxy so internet works but in the android studio preferences in network I see:

You have the JVM property “https.proxyHost” set to ‘’
And although the button No proxy is pressed it seems that android studio tries
to use this proxy for the sync.

So my question is how does it find this proxy and how can I override it?
Also how could I stop this Gradle sync so that I can run the application?
I am using Mac.

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How to update unique email address or other properties in mvc5?

In my mvc5 application user can update there email address or other data.when user create an account it works fine.But when i update date if the email field unchanged then validation message show “Email Address already exists”.So how can i fix it?I also need to check if email address change then it must check this email is unique or not.If not unique then user can’t update the data and validation message show “Email Address already exists”.

 $('#UserEmail').blur(function () {
        var url = "/Account/CheckUserEmail";
        var Email = $('#UserEmail').val();

        $.get(url, { input: email}, function (data) {
            if (data == "Available") {
                $("#result").html("<span style='color:green;'>User email available</span>");
                $("#UserEmail").css('background-color', '');
            else if (data == "Empty") {
                $("#result").html("<span> </span>");

            else  {
                $("#result").html("<span style='color:red'>User email not available</span>");
                //$("#UserEmail").css('background-color', '#e97878');

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