Lenny Kravitz will join Katy Perry during Super Bowl halftime show

The odds of “American Woman” being played at this years Super Bowl just got taken off the board. 

Lenny Kravitz will be Katy Perrys “special guest” during the games halftime show, the pop star announced during halftime of Saturdays New England Patriots-Baltimore Ravens game. 

Perry told NBCs Willie Geist that performing alongside the 50-year-old guitarist would make her more “cool,” but the announcement seems to signal a new shift the NFL is taking for its Super Bowl entertainment. 

Having cycled through almost every old rock group or pop icon that can support a show on name recognition alone, the league is turning toward younger acts and propping them up with older names that might draw in additional demographics.

For instance: Singer Bruno Mars headlined last years show in New York but not without the Red Hot Chili Peppers showing up and playing without bothering to plug in their guitars. 

Theres no word on if Kravitz will actually play his instrument at University of Phoenix Stadium on Feb. 1 but let it be said that wed prefer the show feature one act and one act alone. Past collaborations have failed spectacularly (Aerosmith, N Sync and Britney Spears anyone?) and theres simply not enough time to go around.

Also, if the NFL isnt confident enough that two great performers like Bruno Mars or Katy Perry can carry their own shows, why pick them in the first place? 

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