Kevin Durant uses LeBron James when he plays ‘NBA 2K15,’ not himself, which would be ‘arrogant’ (Video)

For many sports video game enthusiasts, the opportunity to create an idealized athletic version of yourself and control him/her in competition with the virtual avatars of real-life stars remains one of the most highly anticipated aspects of each years new model. Youd have to imagine that itd be just as cool, if not cooler, for actual professional athletes to be able to play as themselves. (Even if, of course, theyll always be a little miffed at how they totally got jobbed with their player ratings.)

Kevin Durant, however, doesnt seem to agree. During a Wednesday night appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to promote the forthcoming release of “NBA 2K15,” which features the Oklahoma City Thunder star as its cover athlete, Durant told the host that he doesnt tend to select himself when he fires up the game.

“You play as you?” Fallon asked.

“No, thats kind of arrogant,” Durant deadpanned.

(Always so humble. Thats “The Servant” for you.)

This, of course, led Fallon to press the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player on his preferred choice once he picks up the sticks.

“Uh, anybody,” Durant said.

“Just tell me,” Fallon insisted.

“… All right, LeBron,” Durant replied, sending Fallon into an uproar (as per usual) and eliciting a round of applause from the audience.

For what its worth, thats in keeping with Durants comments from back in May, when he discussed his team preferences while talking about being chosen as this years cover boy. From Ben Silverman of Plugged In:

That’s a big deal to Durant, who has a reputation as a serious basketball video game junkie (when he isn’t draining game-winners and dunking on everybody). Surprisingly, he doesn’t actually play as the Thunder.

“I never play with our team, for some reason, but everybody else does and they always kill me,” he said in a conference call. “In my house, you have to pick a random team. That’s how you see how good you are.”

“I play with anybody,” he continued. “I know all these players, I know their games. I have an advantage.”

And hey, if you can pair that game-playing advantage with the games highest overall rating — LeBron James will reportedly clock in at a 98 in “2K15,” while Durants trailing at 95 — well, so much the better.

And with that, heres a look at the latest trailer for “NBA 2K15,” due out Oct. 7:

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